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TR256A | TR256C

Infared Thermal Imaging Camera Optional functions for TR256C ( infared or visable light Laser Measure, GPS Positioning, WIFI Projection)
$999.99 $399.99
$399.99 $999.99
New version thermal imaging camera with 3.5" color LCD Infrared Image resolution as 256*192 Wide temperature range from-20℃ to 450℃ (4℉~842℉) 6 colors palettes, auto hot/cold spot tracker Optional functions for TR256C: Dual-camera for infared or visable light, laser measure, GPS positioning...
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TR256B | TR256E

Thermal Imaging Camera PC Analysis Optional Visiable Camera Light 256*192
$499.99 $299.99
$399.99 $499.99
2.8" color LCD,IR resolution 256*192 Infrared Image resolution as Wide temperature range 7 colors palettes, auto hot/cold spot tracker visable light camera for TR256B only
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Thermal Imaging Camera Infared and Visable Light Camera 256*192
$599.00 $309.99
$309.99 $599.00
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Mileseey Compact Thermal Imaging Camera LED Lighting Rechargeable
$499.00 $199.99
$199.99 $499.00
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TR256i | TR160i

Thermal Imaging Camera Phone Accessary PC Analysis Connector IR Resolution 256*192
$299.99 $199.99
$199.99 $299.99
mini thermal imaging camera as mobile phone accessary with Connector compact, portable, smart and powerful Infrared Camera; display a thermal picture with high resolution of 256*192 and heat sensitivity < 50mk wide range of temperature measurement from -15℃ to 600℃ with accuracy...
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What is a thermal imager used for?

Thermal imaging camera can be used to monitor the condition and characteristics of the objective against predetermined tolerances , or check the body temperature of animals, in this way consumers can detect the objective and find the risk area in high or low temperature.

How do thermal imagers work?

Actually the thermal imaging camera create pictures from heat, not visible light. Thermal cameras detect temperature by recognizing and capturing different levels of infrared light then turns it into the image we can see.

Can Mileseey infrared camera see through walls?

Thermal imaging camera does not “see” through walls as the thermal cameras read the heat radiating from the object. If pointing a thermal camera at the wall it can still reveals information with heat radiation inside the wall .

How far can Mileseey thermal cameras see?

The model TR120 and TR120E are with detected range of 2.5m, the model TNV10 is with detected range of 550m..

What is the difference between infrared camera and thermal camera?

Thermal radiation" is all the electromagnetic waves given off by an object because of its temperature, and includes radio waves, infrared waves, and even visible light. Infrared camera is only one part of the function of the thermal imaging camera.

Can Mileseey thermal imaging see in the dark?

Yes, Mileseey Thermal imaging cameras can see in total darkness as it receives the infared waves from the objective. Besides, Mileseey Thermal imaging cameras with bright LED flashlight can help to see into dark, difficult-to-reach areas.

Is there any information support such as manual or video?

we continue to update the valuable information to support customers, just click our brand ico"MILESEEY" and go to the home page, under the menu of "Support" there is download service for instruction manual, in the video page, there are rich videos to display the function or operation of our products, and in the blog page, we will update the latest technology solution, share the feeling, experience and skills from our consumers in difference application and scenes.

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