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Thermal Monoculor

Powerful 384x288 thermal sensor | Adjustable Focus with 25mm F1.0 Germanium lens | OLED display

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3 in 1 Measure Device

Laser Measure | Tape with Digital Screen | Extended Laser Line


D9 Pro
Laser Measure Master

- Ultimate Space Transformation Companion
- World’s 1st Bilateral Mark Lasers Design
- Launching Soon on Kickstarter

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Golf Rangefinder

Premium Design | Wide FOV of 7.5° | >90% Light Transmission

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Best Sellers

Golf rangefinders with elegant design, innovative slope switch, high performance and even all-weather use, seamlessly blend trendy style, functionality, and reliability, delivering an exceptional golfing experience.

PF1 All-weather Golf Rangefinder with IP65 Waterproof

$299.99 $399.99

Buy $219.99 with Coupon: PF1

PFS2 Premium Golf Rangefinder with High Transmittance and Wide FOV

$399.99 $699.00

Buy $269.99 with Coupon: PFS2

PF260 Golf Rangefinder with Slope Switch

$129.99 $299.99

GPF12 Golf Rangefinder with Magnetic Strip

$179.99 $399.99

BPFS2 Golf Rangefinder Binoculars with Range of 2000m

$499.99 $999.00

TNV30 Upgraded Thermal Monocular with IR Resolution of 384*288 and F1.0 Germanium Lens


Buy $1299.99 with Coupon: TNV30

NV20 Digital Night Vision Monocular for Hunting

$119.99 $259.99

TNV10 Thermal Monocular with IR Resolution of 256*192


Buy $549.99 with Coupon: TNV10

NV30 Infrared Night Vision Monocular with Full-color Mode in Darkness

$399.99 $499.99

LK01 Auxiliary Ballistic Laser Rangefinder for Hunting


BNV21 Digital HD Infrared Night Vision Binoculars

$299.99 $499.99

PF2H Monocular Laser Hunting Rangefinder with Laser Measure

$139.99 $239.99

4K Monitor for TNV10 TNV30 Thermal Monocular


PFSH Monocular Hunting Rangefinder with Laser Measure 1100 Yards

$199.99 $299.99

PFS2H Monocular Laser Hunting Rangefinder


TNV256i Thermal Monocular for Hunting with IR Resolution of 256x192



MILESEEY has consistently devoted itself to professionalism and innovation, and has grown into a global technology powerhouse, standing proud as the company with the world's largest LDM user base.

15 years of R&D experience in the field of laser measurement and control
6000 square meters standardized manufacturing center
talented employees
and researchers
intellectual property application
products cover more than 10 million users in 100+ countries
Awards For Mileseey
2023 Reddot Award
2021 IF Design Award
2020 Good Design Award

For the professional golfer, the most important partof your game is accuracy.l love Mileseey becuase it's such an accurate range finder.

— Raymond Milgram

I am a huge fan of the Mileseey brand and love the different designs so much, have bought several models as gift for my friends, they are really amazing!

— Olivia Friedle
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