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How does Mileseey golf rangefinder work?

Golf rangefinder use the laser technology to measure and calculate the distance and slope angle to the objective fast and accurately, golfer can see the measure data from the LCD display as reference to complete the golf train easily.

Which Mileseey golf rangefinder is the easiest to use?

Mileseey golf rangefinder is easy to use. For golf beginner, we advise to choose PF260 and GPF12, it can cover most needs with easy operation.

How to choose the best rangefinder for golf?

It depends the purpose of the golf. We advise to choose model PF210pro for golf beginner to try the basic operations. For the official golf training or game, we advise to choose model PF260 and GPF12. For professional golf campaign or more outdoor activities, we advise to consider the models in higher performance such as PFS2 and BPFS2.

Is it legal to use a rangefinder in golf?

Mileseey rangefinder with slope on/off switch is legal for tournament play. The golf slope function is mainly used in golf trainning, for golf tournament, golfer need to turn off the slope function to meet the legal requirement. Most of the Mileseey golf rangefinders has the slope on/off function which is mentioned in the product detailed page and the specification form.

What is a good rangefinder for hunting?

Good rangefinder for hunting need be long-distance yardage, fast laser speed, and clear view. Mileseey PF2H rangefinder in innovated hunting style design measure up to 984 yards and accuracy of 0.5 yard with fast measure speed and clear view. Its advanced laser measure technology and bow mode are also very helpful in hunting activities.

How does a hunting rangefinder work?

Just press the mode button of model PF2H to choose the hunting mode with function of distance+auto level+ tiltangle, then aim at the objective to have the hunting data, it can measure the horizontal distance from the fuselage to the target object and the angle. Applied to bow hunting or other use.

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