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How to Choose the Best Digital Laser Tape Measure Brand?

If you work in a specialized industry such as carpentry, inspection, plumbing, or other fields, you should consider adding a digital laser tape measure to your toolbox. Digital laser tape measure is an improvement of the old tape measure. It will not delete any basic functions of a good measuring tool, but only eliminate some limitations of the old tape measure and add some functions that make measurement easier. Digital laser tape measure is a measurement tool with three functions in one. It includes three main functions: steel strip measurement, digital display electronic tape measurement with automatic calculation, and laser measurement. We now know the convenience of the digital tape measure with laser, but the quality of measuring tools on the market varies. How should we choose a reliable brand?

What factors do you need to consider when choosing the best digital laser tape measure brand?

Choosing the right brand is crucial. Good brands often guarantee the quality and after-sales service of the digital laser tape measure.

High-quality products

High quality is our preferred criterion for choosing a brand product. When comparing different brands, we should consider the performance of the product comprehensively. Basically, we should not miss the following directions that need to be considered.

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Measuring range
  • Measure time
  • Easy to use
  • Long battery life
  • Product size and weight
  • Battery Type
  • Water resistance
  • Price
  • Warranty period

R&D capability

As we know, R&D and product development often go hand in hand. Increasing changes in consumer demands and technologies mean there is always a need to adapt. Due to the rise of emerging technologies and rapidly changing markets, R&D is more important than ever. Although many companies have an R&D function, their R&D ability varies widely. R&D intensity also varies significantly across industries and individual firms. A reliable brand not only has R&D functions but also formulates R&D strategies on a regular basis.

User Feedback

User feedback is often the most direct and true evaluation of a product. When choosing a digital laser tape measure brand, you should pay attention to the user feedback of this brand. Whether a brand pays attention to collecting user feedback and analyzing existing problems is also one of the criteria for judging whether it is reliable. A brand that is popular with users can often analyze problems from the perspective of users, and continuously improve products according to the real needs of users.

Product after-sales

A brand with a positive image will pay more attention to potential customers, expand its customer base, and devote more time and energy to the conversion of potential customers. Reliable digital tape measure with laser brands will generally provide users with comprehensive after-sales services, including warranty information, product/service training, product repairs, product return services, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.

Why should you choose Mileseey digital laser tape measure?

As a high-tech enterprise with an experience more than a decade in the design, development, production, and sales of optoelectronic products, Mileseey has more than 200 intellectual property rights such as invention patents, utility model patents, industrial design patents, and trademark copyrights independently developed. Mileseey focuses on developing products that better meet user needs. Mileseey also pays attention to collecting user feedback, solving real problems, and providing good after-sales service. We launched a new digital laser tape measure in 2023:DTX 10. It is a versatile digital tape & laser integrated measuring tool. There are some advantages of this best digital tape measure below.

Milesee DTX 10 digital laser tape measure


Ultra-high precision measurement: Using 0.1mm ultra-high-precision photoelectric decoding digital display technology, this digital measuring tape with laser can achieve 120-meter ultra-long-distance laser precise measurement. This is an upgraded version of the traditional measurement tool, which can perfectly meet the measurement needs of professionals in different industries.

Mixed measurement: This digital laser tape measure supports mixed measurement, and users can measure the area and volume of items with the help of laser ranging and tape. Besides, Mileseey digital measuring tape with laser supports traditional tape measurement, digital display measurement, and laser measurement, and realizes data measurements, calculations, and records in one step, helping users improve work efficiency. In addition, the laser measurement of DTX10 supports measurement modes such as single measurement, continuous measurement, area measurement, volume measurement, automatic level measurement, and automatic vertical measurement.

Durability: Mileseey digital laser tape measure is equipped with top-quality interchangeable 16 feet*25 mm nylon-coated steel blade, achieving durable and wear-resistant functions. This product is resistant to high and low temperatures, and its storage temperature is -10°C to 60°C.

Easy to carry:  The size of this digital tape measure with laser is only 192*50*96mm, and its weight is only 630g. The surveyor can easily carry this product.

Convenient to use:  The ergonomic handle appearance design can bring users a more comfortable ranging experience. Mileseey digital laser tape measure applies the incremental measurement method without calculation, and users can make segments lofting easily and accurately. This digital tape measure with laser can also be used with a free smart APP to realize real-time synchronization of measurement data through Bluetooth transmission. Users can save the troublesome step of collecting and recording data, effectively improving work efficiency.

Milesee DTX 10 digital laser tape measure battery


Used for a long time:  The digital laser tape measure is equipped with a detachable lithium battery pack, and its full power working time is as long as 5 hours. In addition, it has the latest USB-C charging interface, which supports multiple charging methods such as charging treasure, car power supply, and outdoor power supply. You don't have to worry about the problem of running out of power for the digital tape measure with laser.

Mileseey product activities on Kickstarter

The new DTX 10 of Mileseey is currently on sale on Kickstarter. You can get a complete product package at a great price. You can learn more directly by visiting

Mileseey DTX 10 Package


We always believe that good customer experience is our greatest motivation. Mileseey has been committed to developing high-quality products that better meet user needs. After years of persistence and precipitation, we have won the recognition of many users, and we will continue to work hard to obtain more support. You are welcome to contact us for more information about the best digital tape measure.

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