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DP20 PRO Smart, Eco-friendly Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

The world best handheld bilateral laser distance meter

One-way Measurement

Two-way Measurement

Exquisite Design

Real-time APP Data Synchronization

Lightweight & Portable

OLED Display

1000mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Co-axial Optical Design

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What Fathers Are Saying About Mileseey DP20

well made & accurate, incredibly useful tool.

This is an excellent tool that makes measuring just about anything so quick and simple. I used to use a laser measurer that just shot out of one side and that was great already, this just steps it up a notch.

— Ben

Packs a lot in a small feature

There is a ton of cool functionality in this tool. Paired with the app you can quickly create a floor plan with all of the dimensions easily transmitted from the tool to the app.

— Chris Wilson

Fiendishly clever, versatile, compact, rechargeable

This is a very nice quality laser distance meter. For several years I've used a very old model of the current Leica Distro which has served me well. However, this MiLESEEY model does everything the Leica does and a lot more.

— David E.

Accurate, high quality,fast and easy.

This bilateral laser distance meter is a quality device. The ease of use is a huge factor with this device. The directions are easy to follow. I like the display screen it’s easy to see.This is exactly what was posted in the description. I would recommend this for the accuracy and the ease of use

— Frankiev

This well made and extremely useful measure really does save time and energy. Sometimes finding the absolute centre point between two 'ends' is vital, especially with building - and decorating.OK so not a tool I would use more than a few times - I am a DIYer and not a professional - but surely this still has a place in the DIYer's arsenal.In use it does exactly what it is designed to do, without

— A Roberton


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